Thassos Island

Thassos is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists every year, especially during summer, but it is also a perfect place for vacations during autumn and spring as well. It is very close to the main Greek land, thus the expenses to get here are very low, comparing to the other Greek islands. Thassos has beautiful beaches, which have crystal blue waters, all around the island.

It also has amazing deep green nature areas full of plane and pine trees at its inner part. Thus, is a perfect place for holidays because it combines perfectly the sea and mountain.


You Must Visit


Natural Lagoon

Giola is situated 4km away from Astris. Its pristine water resembles a swimming pool carved into rocks.  The water’s temperature is warmer than the sea’s and is refreshed slowly by waves. You can take a swim, dive or sunbathe.


Thassos Mountainside

Ipsario is the highest mountain of Thassos with its top at an altitude of 1204m. Gentle mountain crests are spread under the forest roads.  The diverse vegetation adorns like a cloak the slopes of the mountain.

Marble Beach

Tropical Beauty

The white sand and the marble flinders at the seabed give the water its stunning emerald colour, which reminds of a tropical coast. The beach is located within a small isolated bay.


Monastery & Churches

Religious Sites

Archangel Michael is the patron saint of the residents of Theologos and the whole of Thassos. Visit the monastery of Archangel Michael or Saint Athanasios Church in Kastro or Church of Saint Nicolaos in Limenas.


The Old Capital

It is a special destination that still resembles a genuine mountainous community, with colours and scents of past times, tranquil ambience and unspoilt by the fast living pace of the modern days.

Archaeological Sites

Culture & Heritage

Take your time to visit anything from Thassos’ ancient theatre, odeon, agora, or port to religious sites from the ancient times like sanctuaries of Poseidon and Dionysus.


About Potos

Potos is the most well-known tourist resort on Thassos on the south side of the island. It is an old fishermen settlement and serves as the port of the mountainous village of Theologos. In summer this village is transformed into a town and turns into a village in winter.

It owes its growth to tourism, which is the main occupation of its residents. Very well run hotels, tavernas, restaurants, bars, markets, luna parks and shops compose the profile of Potos. People of all ages and nationalities enjoy the breezy summer nights, swaying to the rhythm of the music. Your vacations in Potos will be an unforgettable experience that is sure to bring you back for more.

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